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Mt Kinabalu Via Ferrata

Via ferrata (or iron road in Italian), is a mountain path consisting of a series of rungs, rails and cables embracing the rock face. There are more than 300 via ferrata routes around the world and the world’s highest via ferrata, can now be found on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, whereby the highest point starts at 3,400 m and ends at 3,800 m. This is the first time that the sport of via ferrata climbing is being introduced in Asia.

An activity for everyone, the via ferrata is devised to give people with little or no climbing experience access to rock faces normally reached by mountaineers and rock climbers.There are several requirements for one to take part in the via ferrata activity, including having an average fitness level, being able to hike up to 3,200m in 6 hours, being at least 10 years of age, being at least 1.3 metres tall; and, especially, having a fearlessness of heights (or willing to conquer their fear of heights).

This is a challenging adventure, and those interested to experience via ferrata on Mount Kinabalu should note that the beginner’s route will let the climber take their first experience along the granite walls of Mount Kinabalu (a journey of about 2–3 hours).

The intermediate route will let the climber experience a 4- to 5-hour journey, which will reward the climber with a breathtaking view of the heights and sights.

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An overnight package designed for those wishing to conquer Mount Kinabalu, Low’s Peak Circuit allows you to ascend to Low’s Peak, the highest point of the mountain, from Laban Rata. You will also be given the opportunity to explore hidden parts of Low’s Peak through a Via Ferrata detour on the descent, where you can catch some magnificent views. This climb is suitable for intermediate climbers who are sure-footed and unafraid of heights.


If you’re tight on time, then the best way to experience Sabah’s numerous offerings – from mighty Mount Kinabalu to the Sipadan coral reefs and the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre – is to participate in a tour. The Mount Kinabalu Summit Climb allows you to ascend Malaysia’s highest peak, Mount Kinabalu – the trip can be pretty gruelling yet Sabah’s star attraction is well worth the effort. If you’re looking for gravity-defying challenges then the mountain climbing itinerary below is sure to sate your adrenaline craving. Experienced guides will steer you across the Crocker Range – you’ll also be able to nature trek through Kinabalu Park and soak in the sulphurous waters of the Poring Hot Springs. This heart-pounding, two-day adventure is a trip you won’t soon forget. Start out your journey through the Upper Montane Forest then stop for lunch along the trail and make your way to Lahad Datu before the day’s end. Everyone’s quest for the summit is different, so guides will urge you along at your own comfortable pace. Spend the night 3,345 metres high in Lahad Datu and, in order to catch the first rays of the sun at early dawn at the apex of the mountain, the journey continues the next day in the wee hours of the morning. Later, enjoy a late breakfast at Laban Rata before descending to the park’s headquarters – you’ll be awarded a certificate for your successful climb and after a relaxing lunch, the tour group will head on down towards Kota Kinabalu.