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Malaysia have plenty of adventure activities too. One of the most famous is Mountain Climbing at Kinabalu, it’s the highest mountaing in Malaysia. Beside that, with the nature forest and the raining weather whole year long, the white water rafting is also one of the choices for the tourist. You be able to find the rafting at Sabah and Ipoh.

KL Adventure Tours

For the active traveller Malaysia is a top-class destination defined by its superlative sights. Kuala Lumpur – the city centre – is a delightful mixture of heritage and chic modernity, with an undulating landscape and numerous multilane highways. Nature lovers and adventure-enthusiasts unsurprisingly find Malaysia to be a must-visit destination; listed below are a few ways to enjoy the country’s lush natural beauty. Soar through the skies when you go on a paragliding adventure or feel the salty spray of Port Dickson sea water on your face when you go windsurfing – either way thrill seekers will be satisfied by Malaysia’s offerings.


Sabah is coverage by the nature, it’s have a lot of adventure activities around. You can do a white water rafting at Kiulu Riverm or Padas River with the more greater challenge. Beside water sport, you can climb up to the Mountain Kinabalu which is the highest mountain in Malaysia!


Being surrounded by one of the richest underwater ecosystems in the world, Sabah remains one of the world’s prime destinations for diving and snorkeling activities. Our Sabah Diving Tours take you to experience the marvels of the oceans at some of the world’s best diving sites such as Sipadan, Mabul and Lankayan. There is even a package especially for first-timers, helping them to discover the joys of scuba diving in a completely safe environment.


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