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Registered in 2008, Sunflowers Holidays Sdn Bhd is an important member of the Malaysian Inbound Tourism Association (MITA).
We provide creative and experiential custom-made tours, from big team trips (in large scale), to hotel reservations, local traditions experiences, experiential customised tours, company incentive trips and extracurricular teaching.

Sunflower Holidays Sdn Bhd's Liang Weihong and her team have more than 30 years of experience in the tourism industry. We always believed that, "As long as you want, we can tailor-make any trip for your team; and there is no place that we cannot reach."

Sunflowers Holidays Sdn Bhd aspires to create a nearly perfect travel experience for you.

(Large Scale)
in Malaysia

Sunflower Holidays offers travel plans and execution strategies to corporations, and could accommodate to as many as 6000 people to travel at once. We provide a series of services for corporate and VIP business trips, such as event plans, meeting arrangements, and third-parties management. We will turn your ideas for meetings, travel, and events into reality and ensure that these are successfully executed in line with your expectations.

In addition, Sunflower Holidays' multicultural team also integrates creativity and experience to design unique and different Malaysian and Asian excursions. This guarantees every visit of yours to be unforgettable.